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Hi, my name is Stacy Turner. I'm an average housewife from an upscale neighborhood near Dallas, Texas. I say average because I am no beauty queen but I'm not bad looking either, I do take care of myself. Guys never took much notice of me before, unless I was dressed to the nines. I'm no rocket scientist but graduated from college.

 I did not come from a wealthy background, I came from a middle-class family. I always considered myself average, a Plain Jane!

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I used to dream of living in a big beautiful house but wasn't sure if that would ever happen. But now I'm living in a beautiful pricey neighborhood, in a new 2-story house that resembles a castle. Everything in my house is top quality and I don't even have to clean it! I have a housekeeper that comes by twice a week to clean and do errands for me if needed. My student loans are paid off and I have a monthly budget bigger than my annual income used to be,  Wow! 

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You might wonder how this happened and I will be more than happy to tell you! Sometimes, I feel a little guilty about living such a nice life and never having to worry about money anymore! I want to tell other women so they too can have the same type of lifestyle I have. I was very lucky to have met my husband. If I had not met him, I would probably still be working at that boring, often stressful office job at a dental clinic.

I feel obligated to help others enjoy the lifestyle that I have. I want to pass on a few valuable tips to help others get to where I am and it's not that hard! In fact, it would be a win/win situation, I help others get the lifestyle they are looking for and at the same time, I remove some of my guilt for living such a care-free life. Easy Living is what I call it.

250 wealthy Women Revealed How They met There Husbands. I took those fun, interesting stories and compiled a list of the 50 secret ways to find a good man with money & get a great life.

So yes, spreading the word to others will remove some of the guilt I have for being so blessed with a wonderful husband, house, car, health, and fun loving dogs.

You are about to learn how I went from being single, working 9-5 with barely enough money to pay rent or pay for any car repairs, to living in a luxury 4000 sq ft home with a media room, a 3-car garage, and a housekeeper.

I'm am 31 years old and I'm already retired! The past few years have been interesting, to say the least. I had an office job at a dental clinic in Dallas about 3 years ago. My roommate and I struggled each month to come up with the rent and monthly bills. Today I live in the suburbs of Dallas with my wonderful husband and our to two energetic golden retrievers. After getting married I no longer needed to work.

I said goodbye to my coworkers and settled into my new position as a housewife. I can tell you right now, this ain't bad! In fact, the financial freedom I now have buys me a lot of time to do things I have wanted to do for quite a while. I shop, I have hobbies like painting and writing, I attend yoga classes, and have some ideas for starting a business. My husband and I are not wealthy but we do have a comfortable income.

In fact, I often think if I had not met my husband 3 years ago, I would probably still be working at that clinic and struggling to pay the bills each month with my roommate. I bet if you are like me and you experienced something great in your life, you'd want to share it with the world or at least tell some people so they could enjoy the same blessings that you have received.

In order to reach as many people as possible and do the most good, I decided to write this book because, believe me, I am as average as they come and if this can happen to me, it can happen to you. In fact, since living in my neighborhood, I have heard many stories from other women recalling how they met their husbands. Women love to ask each other “so, how did you meet your husband?”

Someone is going to marry these great guys!

I think that I have met just about everyone on my street and the surrounding neighborhood, and I can tell you after living here, these other ladies are just like you and me and most everyone else. They are not beauty queens or pageant winners, though most do take good care of themselves, and present themselves well. But they all have something in common. They wound up living in a very upscale neighborhood with great schools, parks, new shopping centers, and restaurants.

Over a period of one year, I made a point to talk to as many of my female neighbors as possible. I was hoping to meet about 100 wives but I ended up talking to over 250!

After learning how they met their husbands, I secretly wrote down each story, thinking I might write a book someday and that's just what I did. Now my book is available for every woman who wants to read and learn from others.

from the book, 

"We are experiencing the largest transfer of wealth in human history right now, and it's been happening for the past 20+ years. With each generation passing along inheritance to their heirs, estimates are in the range of 41 trillion - 59 tillion dollars is being transfered right now. If someome inherits a ton of money, you can bet they do not announce it to the public, no they keep it quiet. Learning where and how to spot men who have  inherited a fortune can be very beneficial to women seeking a man in good financial shape. The top 10 places to meet a man who has just inherited a fortune or even a small fortune. #10 ..."

My Neighborhood In Mckinney texas!


It was interesting, after reviewing my notes, I noticed that each of these 250 women had 3 main things in common before getting married. They may not have known it at the time, but these 3 things played a big part in meeting and marrying their future husbands. Funny, because I also pursued these 3 things when I met my husband. These 3 things were very instrumental for my female neighbors and myself in having the lives that we now enjoy.


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In my book, these 3 things are revealed to women who want to know the path we traveled and the actions we chose. That is what I am doing, I am telling single ladies out there or ladies who desire a better relationship with a different partner, please come join us! The water is warm and there's plenty of room, welcome to our world! This is the map we used and it's up to you to travel this path if you want.

Let me be clear and upfront about something, even while I worked and lived with my roommate, struggled with the cost of living, was often stressed out, I was still a happy person. I was a positive person, I ate well and I exercised and now I can honestly say that money does not buy happiness but it sure can help!

One thing I have realized, if you are not happy before you get money, you probably won't be happy after you get money. I go over that in my book as well. You need to get your head on straight because rich men do not want cranky wives. I say this because I am an honest person and I have to be frank with my readers. Having said that, let's keep going.

From talking to my neighbors, hearing their stories, and doing a lot of research myself, I have compiled a list of 50 places to find a man with money. In my book. I guide you to be in the best spots and social situations in order to better your chances of success. It's not just about being in a particular place or gathering but once you are there you need to learn how to break the ice and form connections with men you meet.

It's not that hard, in fact I guide you along the way, teaching you the best techniques to get that love connection started.

It's been fun hearing from the readers and their experiences after purchasing my books. women age 18 to 80 have written to us with reviews. these stories have been the best part of writing this book for sure! Here are just a few we have recently received,

"Big Thumbs Up From Me On These Books And Awesome Tips!"
“How To Find A Good Man With Money is AWESOME. It's better than online dating because there are no weirdos that seem to
come along with every online dating website I have used, and online dating was very time consuming for me and I don't
have alot of time right now. This book actually showed me a way that I can tap into my assertive side without
coming across
as pushy or desperate. Stacy gets right to the nitty gritty, cuts out the fluff and totally delivers
quality advice
that I could use instantly. IN FACT, I just used one of her tips from the book on someone in my office
building this
afternoon and what I can say is WOW :-) Big thumbs up from me on these books and awesome tips."
Adriana Noble, New York
"Thank You So Much Stacy"
"Thank you so much Stacy for writing this book. I met a wonderful man named Steve and we are so happy and content
together, I can
honestly say that Steve is my best friend. We both enjoy doing things together. Each weekend we are out
doing something and the
funny thing is that Steve attends the same fitness club and I had seen him there for months but
never knew how to introduce myself.
Your book gave me the confidence and the manner to approach him that I would never
had thought of before. I owe it to you Stacy,
thanks again from Las Vegas." Janet Woodrow, Las Vegas


If you are stuck in a rut, I can help you get out of it. We will do it together or at the very least I will show you where the opportunities are and how to approach those opportunities. From there it's up to you to decide.

Because you are in control, this is your life and you can learn a lot from the women I have talked to, I sure did. If you think it's time for you to get the love and the life that you deserve, then let's get started.


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The author lives in Texas. Tracy Turner is the author's pen name. 

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Date a Millionaire today. Find them at, as seen on TV - Get 15% off your paid membership when you upgrade within 24 hours of signup!